The Church Investors Group (CIG) is a group of investors connected with the Churches of Britain and Ireland with combined assets of c£12 billion. We believe it will serve to increase the witness and influence of the Church in society if our investment portfolios reflect the moral stance and teachings of the Christian faith.

Our Purpose

  • to encourage the formulation of investment policies based on Christian ethical principles;
  • to assist each other in putting such policies into practice;
  • to encourage responsible business practices through engagement with company managements;
  • to share information and views on ethical matters related to investment.

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If you would like to contact the CIG secretariat please email: info@churchinvestorsgroup.org.uk


Church Investors Group Annual Report

Our 2013 Annual Report is available to download.


Annual Conference 2014

The Church Investor Group hosted its Annual Conference in the Spring with record numbers of delegates attending. Amongst the topics covered were climate change, modern slavery, business ethics and impact investment.  The keynote speech was given by Lord Deben, Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change. A full Report of the conference is available here.

Church Investors Group Co-Host Christiana Figueres at St Paul's Cathedral on May 7th

Alongside St Paul's Institute, CCLA, and the Church of England's Shrinking the Footprint initiative the CIG hosted Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, on May 7th at St Paul's Cathedral.

Church Investors Support UKSIF's Ownership Day and Call on the 'Final Six' FTSE 100 Companies to Respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project

The Church Investors Group (CIG) welcomed today's Ownership Day as organised by the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association. 

The CIG has also called upon the 'final six' FTSE 100 companies, Barratt Developments, Capita, Hargreaves Lansdown, ITV, Melrose and Sports Direct, to respond to its longstanding engagement initiative and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project. 

See the full press release here


Being Good Stewards: Church Investors and Corporate Engagement

The Church Investors Group has today released 'Being Good Stewards: Church Investors and Corporate Engagement'. This document provides further details of how investors conduct engagement with businesses and further examples of CIG members' work in this area.

This is available here.


Church Investors Succeed in Raising Environmental Standards of UK Companies

The £12bn Church Investors Group, made up of 46 members connected with churches predominately located in Britain and Ireland, is pleased to report positive progress on its initiative encouraging UK companies to take action to disclose and manage their carbon emissions. The Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP's) FTSE 350 Climate Change Report revealed that 72% of the 53 companies contacted by the CIG because they were considered to be laggards, have improved their CDP score.

This initiative forms part of the CIG's wider efforts to encourage environmentally responsible business practices in those business its members invest in.

See the full press release here


Church Investors Group Release Position Statement on Climate Change

The Church Investors Group have today released a Position Statement on Climate Change. This is available here


Climate Change and Church Investors: Framing the Debate

The CIG have commissioned research to help church investors think through climate change and how it effects them. This is available here.


Public Consultation on Best Practice Principles for Governance Research Providers

The Church Investors Group have submitted a response to this consultation. The full response is available here


Al Gore speaks at St Paul's Cathedral on 'Sustainable Capitalism'

Last Autumn, St Paul's cathedral hosted Al Gore, former U.S. Vice President, environmental advocate, and co-founder and Chair of Generation Investment Management. He spoke at a special event aimed at energising investors and businesses to aide the transition to a more sustainable form of capitalism. The Very Revd David Ison, Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, welcomed Mr Gore to the event that was hosted by St Paul's Institute and the Church Investors Group as part of the fifth annual National Ethical Investment Week.

Speaking to an audience of Church and charity investors, pension funds, and investment managers he spoke on the threats facing the economic system, urging investors to invest for the long term and put an end to asset management that is 'oblivious to anything other than short-term financial factors.' He stated that 'incentives are the secrets to capitalism's success but it matters how the incentives are designed' and pressed the audience to choose their investment managers based on environmental, societal and governance factors.

Following the presentation he responded to questions from the attentive audience. The event was chaired by Andreas Whittam Smith, First Church Estates Commissioner at the Church Commissioners for England.

The session reflected recent research conducted by YouGov for National Ethical Investment Week that stated that nearly two-thirds of British investors expected Church and charity investors to take the lead on promoting responsible investment.

Mr Gore praised the attendees, acknowledging that 'asset owners, like the ones in the room, do have the ability to insist that their assets are managed in line with their values in a sophisticated way' but reiterated that they had a responsibility to do so because future generations 'will ask us, what were you thinking? Was your attention focussed elsewhere? They'll ask if we rose to the difficult challenge we face'

Dean Ison said 'Al Gore's message about sustainable capitalism offers an inspirational ray of hope for those who feel that nothing much can be done. He challenged the 'owners of capital' not only to believe that there can be a different future, but then to act in straightforward ways to help it happen: and getting that message out so that it transforms lives and structures is the task he left us with. Let's get to it!'

A summary of the event is available to download here


Meeting of International Church Investors

40 participants representing church investors from North America, Europe, Australasia and Africa met in Paris on 14 September 2011 for an event hosted by the Church Investors Group. To learn more about this historic meeting where international Church investors agreed to collaborate further on corporate responsibility issues please see the press release.  


2010 Executive Renumeration Report

The CIG commissioned a report on the ethics of executive renumeration, in response to the growing public concern at excessive pay awarded to many senior corporate executives. The full report, a four page summary, and the press release are all available to download.