The Church Investors Group represents institutional investors from many mainstream Church denominations and church related charities. Whilst each investor is responsible for its own investment policy our members come together on issues of common concern. Currently the CIG has 55 members, predominantly drawn from the UK and Ireland, with combined investment assets of over £15bn.

Our Purpose

  • to encourage the formulation of investment policies based on Christian ethical principles;
  • to assist each other in putting such policies into practice;
  • to encourage responsible business practices through engagement with company managements;
  • to share information and views on ethical matters related to investment.

We are actively seeking to build an international network of faith investors to enable us to better engage with global businesses. To this end we currently have 3 international partner organizations; the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility (USA), SHARE (Canada) and CIG South Africa.

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If you would like to contact the CIG secretariat please email: info@churchinvestorsgroup.org.uk

Global Faith Investors in Joint Backing for COP 21 Agreement


Faith-consistent investor groups from Europe and the US today welcomed the agreement at COP21.

The CIG (Church Investors Group) and ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility), which have over 350 members and over £80bn in assets under management between them, are today re-affirming their firm commitment to help speed the transition to a low carbon economy.

The full press release is available here

Church Investors Group Annual Report

Our 2015 Annual Report is available to download.

Church Investors Group Engagement Featured in 2015 CDP UK Climate Change Report

Engagement by the CIG is featured as a best-practice case study in this year's CDP UK climate Change Report. This can be accessed here

The 2015 BP and Shell Shareholder Resolutions: 'Strategic Resilience for 2035 and Beyond'

Several members of the Church Investors Group co-filed supportive, but stretching, shareholder resolutions for the BP and Royal Dutch Shell 2015 Annual General Meetings. These resolutions focused attention on the risks and opportunities that climate change poses for these companies and asked for further reporting on several areas, including:

  • ongoing operational emissions management
  • portfolio resilience to the International Energy Authority's scenarios
  • low carbon energy research and development and investment strategies

Both companies recommended that shareholders vote for the resolution. 

To signal their support a large number of asset owners and fund managers pre-disclosed their intention to vote for the BP resolution; these organisations are listed here. Both resolutions attracted over 98% of the vote and are now legally binding.

The full text of the BP resolution is available here

The full text of the Shell resolution is available here

Voting at Company AGMs

The largest members of the Church Investors Group have adopted a common voting policy to be applied at all investee company AGMs in 2015. Administered by, global proxy voting company, ISS the CIG's new collective voting initiative will further amplify the church's voice on key issues such as the structure, independence and diversity of company boards, the independence of auditors, executive remuneration and wider engagement concerns.

The full press release is available here

The CIG's 2015 Voting Policy is available here

The Church Investors Group: 10 Years of Successful Engagement

Engagement by the Church Investors Group (CIG) has led to nearly 30 FTSE 350 constituent companies improving their disclosure and management of greenhouse gas emissions. Details released in its Annual Report show that more than half (58%) of the 53 FTSE350 companies, earmarked by the CIG as not matching the standards achieved by the majority of companies within the Index, have improved their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score. See the full press release here


Building the Will for Action

In May the Church Investors Group, alongside the St Paul's Institute, CCLA, and the Church of England's Shrinking the Footprint Campaign, co-hosted a lecture by Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) at St Paul's.

A full report of the event is available here

Annual Conference 2014

The Church Investor Group hosted its Annual Conference in the Spring with record numbers of delegates attending. Amongst the topics covered were climate change, modern slavery, business ethics and impact investment.  The keynote speech was given by Lord Deben, Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change. A full Report of the conference is available here.

Church Investors Group Co-Host Christiana Figueres at St Paul's Cathedral on May 7th

Alongside St Paul's Institute, CCLA, and the Church of England's Shrinking the Footprint initiative the CIG hosted Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, on May 7th at St Paul's Cathedral.

Church Investors Support UKSIF's Ownership Day and Call on the 'Final Six' FTSE 100 Companies to Respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project

The Church Investors Group (CIG) welcomed today's Ownership Day as organised by the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association. 

The CIG has also called upon the 'final six' FTSE 100 companies, Barratt Developments, Capita, Hargreaves Lansdown, ITV, Melrose and Sports Direct, to respond to its longstanding engagement initiative and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project. 

See the full press release here


Being Good Stewards: Church Investors and Corporate Engagement

The Church Investors Group has today released 'Being Good Stewards: Church Investors and Corporate Engagement'. This document provides further details of how investors conduct engagement with businesses and further examples of CIG members' work in this area.

This is available here.


Church Investors Group Release Position Statement on Climate Change

The Church Investors Group have today released a Position Statement on Climate Change. This is available here


Climate Change and Church Investors: Framing the Debate

The CIG have commissioned research to help church investors think through climate change and how it effects them. This is available here.


Executive Renumeration Report

The CIG commissioned a report on the ethics of executive renumeration, in response to the growing public concern at excessive pay awarded to many senior corporate executives. The full report released in March 2010, a four page summary, and the press release are all available to download.